AngularJS training

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I had an amazing opportunity to attend training conducted by Paweł Kozłowski author of Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS. Training was two days long only … only because Paweł was excellently prepared and it was pleasure to listen to him. I met grunt, karma, jasmine and of course angular. With my growing knowledge of… Read more »

Git Kata 2

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Hi, I’ve dropped by just to invite you to Git Kata 2 (git workshop in kata format) meeting in Warsaw, Poland on Dec 8, 2013. I will try to convince people to use legit and github. I will describe shortly my participation in fabtools – opensource project. All details may be found here   Here… Read more »

Cascading Tube

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Usage example of Cascading Tube EXAMPLE I Step 0 is pure cascading flow example Cascading. Step 0. Short description of method: it takes logs from one source and produces tree different reports public FlowDef flow(Tap pv, Tap trans, Tap transToFirstSource, Tap transToLastSource, Tap transDistributedAmongSources) { // agregation Pipe transPipe = new Each(“trans”, new Fields(“t_quantity”, “t_itemCost”),… Read more »

so little time…

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And so many ideas. I have found an interesting reading I was just seeking some hadoop related solution and found that guy. Looks interesting, so I will follow his twitts for a while. I use feedly instead of google reader, I hate it on my mobile when it comes to run it first time… Read more »

Wrażenia po Hadoop in Spotify

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Wczoraj byłem z Jarkiem na spotkaniu w Wawie pt. Hadoop in Spotify. Fajny klaster 190 nodów a wkrótce 690 – impressive. Było kilka rzeczy dla których warto było się tam wybrać projekty-narzędzia z jakich korzystają i z których my moglibyśmy: 1. – szybka komunikacja z hdfs (wzgledem wolnej “hdfs dfs -ls /”) 2…. Read more »