3 steps security WS

I’ve been given a WebService at my company I have to talk to.
It’s very strange because:
– You must have a rule on firewall to connect to endpoint
– the traffic is over secure http
– you need to authorize to this WS

All looks fine but what happen if this is a test Webservice and getting fw rule procedures takes a long, long time.
It is not very flexible way to implement an integration directly to this WS.
So I’ve decided to implement my own webservice based on that given WSDL. Mine would be transparent to the user and would talk to the origin but will give you:
— parametrized authorization need ;)
— http calls
— and the rule, all mine other modules can access from any place in our internal network to this ws

You just simly need to do three steps:
– create web service client
– create web service from wsdl
– map the parameters and results

It often happens that WSDL is somehow wrongly interprated (I assume we use as a standard document literal encoding)
I’ve got a common error invoking my transparent webservice: “cannot find dispatch method for”
I use wsimport and JAX-WS to create java classes for this webservice to implement
c:\GlassFishESBv22\glassfish\bin>wsimport -version

To fix the issue I’ve added a attributes to tags soap:body like parts=””, namespace=””, encodingStyle=””. (in binding I suppose)

and it helped