GWT EJB3 Maven Glassfish 2.1.1 integration tutorial

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I am just being inspired by GWT EJB3 Maven JBoss 5.1 integration tutorial that is why I decided to write my own tuts just for remember howto. I am working with Glassfish and my IDE is Netbeans the demo db will be derby. I know it really doesn’t matter what app server we deploy to… Read more »

myBatis mapping example from docs within oracle procedure

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1. I just want to show how to setup complete batis project. I’ll be using example from docs. As you can read there you need at least 4 files at least: Configuration.xml BlogMapper.xml (session bean) (domain class) So then you have ready and working object-relational mapping you can easily publish as web service… Read more »

Dominator my approach solution

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All methods are static but it obvious why, just for example. There is also one method called getHashMap which takes a piece of work and on given array returns hashmap with elemnts and its count number.

bpel + ETL + scheduler + db log

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Simple idea of how to use openESB and scheduled invocation of ETL process and store log data in database. Best ETL method is “Stagging” that uses “stagging table”. It simply transfers a bunch of rows from one db to another firstly to the middle buffer table and then to the target one. No delays, no… Read more »