About Warsjawa 2010 after it

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Some opinion about this awesome meeting are here on warsaw jug leader’s website. There were some fascinating subjects. One presentation was introducing Play Framework (btw. I know Wojtek:) another great one was about Clojure and guys that written amazing search engine for e-shops in this functional language it’s fablo.pl. Once you sign the agreement with… Read more »

Warsjawa 2010

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Last few weeks I’ve got a problem with psu at my previous server box. It was terribly broken and did damage to hard drive and other components. Fortunately I’ve managed to get back my data from backup. I just want to mansion about Warsjawa 2010 being organize on my University Department this week. All important… Read more »

CakePHP framework

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It looks as CakePHP coding is a piece of cake :) Interesting read and of course option that I agree with is wordpress as cms

GWT in practice

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I like this Manning publications. They are written is easy understandable language. I can full recommend this one GWT in Practice . I am now reading it. I’ve already red a parts of JUnit in Action, Second Edition and EJB 3 in Action and both were great! I was also reading GWT in Action: Easy… Read more »