bpel + ETL + scheduler + db log

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Simple idea of how to use openESB and scheduled invocation of ETL process and store log data in database. Best ETL method is “Stagging” that uses “stagging table”. It simply transfers a bunch of rows from one db to another firstly to the middle buffer table and then to the target one. No delays, no… Read more »

Oracle has pissed me off

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There was amazing www service from SUN, full of super tutorials. There were many, many great guys posting there screencast, it was mediacast.sun.com. After oracle takeover SUN all media disappeared, and there is better, they are lost! Important Notification for Mediacast users. Please be advised that Mediacast (http://mediacast.sun.com) will be decommissioned on July 29, 2010…. Read more »

Java EE e-commerce from scratch

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There is nice tutorial on netbeans.org showing how to write e-commerce system in java ee. That is good way to start adventure with java ee e-commerce tutorial.


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hello and welcome, This time I want to show a small example of nice relational-object mapping library called mybatis. We use it with java ee. We made EJB and give annotations what makes it really fast, easily and efficient WEB SERVICE from DB function, procedure, select or other db operation. Previous version name was iBatis.