My Url Check App on app engine

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This is an app that pings your website once every hour. You will be notified by mail if your site is down. Maybe you could test it and drop me some criticism?

More about openESB

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Hi, I found a new page about openESB (except I’ve also signed up to report some bugs in 2.3 version: And saw this project on github  

Cygwin isolation

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I run Windows, mostly because some of mine tools are mainly for windows and their linux version are not primary tested by it’s producers. I wanted to have linux console so I tried with cygwin. With this one I am like a gold fish with shor memory. I install it, using till some point, get… Read more »

Confitura 2012

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Krótko: Było zajebiście! Super Turbo Profesjonalnie! Uznanie dla Kapituły! Confiturę porównuję do Geecon 2012. Tam pewnie było ok. 1400 osób tutaj 850, tam konferencja kilkudniowa o charakterze międzynarodowym(j. ang all), tutaj jednodniowa, lokalna i bezpłatna dla słuchaczy. Jednak mam wrażenie, że udało się pozyskać tych samych sponsorów co jest super sukcesem :]