java vs php

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Somewhere earlier on this blog I said there is fine php framework called cakephp. I tried it and what convinced me to use it was the main motto of it. IT’S PIECE OF CAKE! And that was so true. I got even eclipse for PHP and started experimenting with it… Although there was something against… Read more »

Sun java courses

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I know there is no Sun courses any longer. There are Oracle Java courses. I have been to some. GlassFish ESB 2.1 for Implementers (SAS-4300) and Developing Applications for the Java EE 6 Platform (FJ-310-EE6). But also I have student workbook for Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server Administration and Developement SAS 4455 what looks interesting. Instaling… Read more »

Google App Engine

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There is interesting free java development environment called Google App Engine. My sample app hansguestbook deployed there. It can me easly integrated with your favorite IDE (I hope) I use netbeans and it works fine. I hope I be able to code some sample apps and run there. There is some limitations but always you… Read more »

Jboss Cache on Glassfish 2.1.1

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Previously I’ve just mentioned that I am working on JbossCache deployed to glassfish. I want to have it distributed. My frustration was I couldn’t find any configuration file online of replication mode. It turned out that example configuration was inside JBoss Cache zip file, Core Edition version 3.2.5 “Malagueta” (download full zip in file… Read more »

Amazing TDD start with Bowling Game Kata

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Uncle Bob prepared an article + step by step tutorial about TDD it is called Bowling Game Kata and is really showing off what is TDD about. It is about writing your code starting with tests. And as everybody knows tests included into the code are highly required cuz they are simply usage examples of… Read more »