zmiana pracodawcy

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Wkrótce zmieniam pracodawce. Jestem mega podekscytowany ponieważ nauczę się nowych technologii mongoDB, spring i jego podejścia do DI. To bardzo ważne dla gościa od narzędzia SOA i po kilku projektach z EJB :) Poza tym testy,testy, testy oraz TDD – mam nadzieję, że będzie tak jak sobie wymarzyłem. Dodatkowo projekty prowadzone scrumem. Zespół jest młody… Read more »

Ouch.. DateFormat concurrency issue

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I wrote many ejb’s using SimpleDateFormat object to format date, implement time shift etc. Unfortunately I didn’t care about thread safety. And suddenly turns out you need to sychronize access to it because it’s not thread safe. I red an article 3 possible ways of dealing with it in project. (except of course best solution of using… Read more »

My Url Check App on app engine

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This is an app that pings your website once every hour. You will be notified by mail if your site is down. Maybe you could test it and drop me some criticism?

More about openESB

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Hi, I found a new page about openESB (except I’ve also signed up to report some bugs in 2.3 version: And saw this project on github  

Cygwin isolation

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I run Windows, mostly because some of mine tools are mainly for windows and their linux version are not primary tested by it’s producers. I wanted to have linux console so I tried with cygwin. With this one I am like a gold fish with shor memory. I install it, using till some point, get… Read more »