I run Windows, mostly because some of mine tools are mainly for windows and their linux version are not primary tested by it’s producers. I wanted to have linux console so I tried with cygwin. With this one I am like a gold fish with shor memory. I install it, using till some point, get annoyed and throw it away. This history repeats over and over. (I really don’t know why I am giving it some many changes, I might have been silly all that time).

This time while creating bash scripts in cygwin I wanted to try them out on linux platform. And of course they were not working smoothly. Interpreter returned strange errors, that he could not find #!/bin/bash. Resolving this issue is an extra job and of course I don’t want to do strange tricks each time I create a file in cygwin and move it to linux.

The reason of issue was windows end of file character, it is other then in linux so you have to recursively replace it for each line or rewrite a file.

This makes cygwin isolated, you can use some comfortable recursive commands for windows file system with success but moving some work done on cygwin (bash scripts)  will hurt a little.