ngPoland: diabeł tkwi w szczegółach

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Wczoraj byłem na ng-poland konferencji (trochę szumu pod #ngPolandConf ) dla frontendowców fanów angulara. Od jakiegoś czas sam jestem takim. Coś tam pisałem w angular 1.x. Niestety nie czuję się biegle w angular 2 dlatego poszedłem na tę konferencję oraz dlatego, że chciałem zobaczyć Todda Motto na żywo bo słyszałem, że umie zrobić show. Jego blog posty oraz ultimate… Read more »

Leaving SoftwareMill

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In May 20016 it’s been 2 years since I’ve started to work for SoftwareMill. And it was a huge pleasure to work for a such software engineer friendly company. That is why it’s so hard to say goodbye. SML (internal shortcut for SoftwareMill) was 21 people when I joined and raised up to 40 now. Projects base is… Read more »

Software Developer at WebSummit 2015

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WebSummit 2015 is a tech conference for geeks, this time it was organized in Dublin, Ireland. The well spotted summary of WebSummit 2015 edition might found here: I encourage you to read it – it’s only 7 minutes long. TL;DR from that article: WebSummit speakers are not attending to wow developers and creatives, they’re here to… Read more »


Posted by & filed under scala. is 100% Free Roche Software Conference. Invited speaker guests were: Dr. Venkat Subramaniam, Greg Young, Dino Esposito. Adam Waltman from Roch Poland gave an interesting welcome speech, I could comprehend about internal IT Roche structure, and that price of sequencing DNA dropped from 100 mln $ since 2001 to 1k $ now (2015) and continuing… Read more »