Principles of Reactive Programming

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This year I’ve attended Principles of Reactive Programming course. It wasn’t easy one, at least for me. I mean, first two weeks driven by Martin were clear and straightforward. Even first Erik’s week about Future was approachable. The rest -rxScala with it’s Observables and actor model with Akka was rather hard and required a lot… Read more »

git without merge and fetch

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[Title might be misleading because you need to make somewhere that merge but let it your github/stash/bitbucket etc. do it for you] Problem: When starting your adventure with git did you feel like not knowing what is going on and ending with deleting the repo and cloning once again? I wish to help you and show… Read more »

Developing on AWS

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I’ve been in Luxembourg on AWS training for developers. It was free. The agenda Day 1: Getting Started Working with the AWS code library, SDKs, and IDE toolkits Introduction to AWS security features Service object models and baseline concepts for working with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon DynamoDB Day 2: Working with AWS… Read more »

Polish Developer conferences

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This year – 2014 I had an opportunity to attend a few polish java related conference like:, and warsjawa workshops. From geecon I remember amazing talk but guys from (amazing tools btw. I will definitely give it a try after I end with newrelic) – there are many videos on vimeo from this… Read more »

Fabtools Tomcat module

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Do you develop or maintain java web application and want to have your main system not polluted by any Apache tomcat server? Or maybe you are digging in some legacy code with old java and on you main system is the newest shiny java 8 and you don’t want to switch every time? Go and… Read more »