Polish Developer conferences

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This year – 2014 I had an opportunity to attend a few polish java related conference like: geecon.org, confitura.pl and warsjawa workshops. From geecon I remember amazing talk but guys from plumbr.eu (amazing tools btw. I will definitely give it a try after I end with newrelic) – there are many videos on vimeo from this… Read more »

Fabtools Tomcat module

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Do you develop or maintain java web application and want to have your main system not polluted by any Apache tomcat server? Or maybe you are digging in some legacy code with old java and on you main system is the newest shiny java 8 and you don’t want to switch every time? Go and… Read more »

Scalar conference review

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Scalar Conference is the first free to attend scala conference. At least first in central Europe I know. I had a pleasure to be a part of it as an attendee and a listener. I must say it was well organized. The organizers –  Softwaremill – top notch software house from Warsaw – proved that… Read more »

AngularJS training

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I had an amazing opportunity to attend training conducted by Paweł Kozłowski author of Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS. Training was two days long only … only because Paweł was excellently prepared and it was pleasure to listen to him. I met grunt, karma, jasmine and of course angular. With my growing knowledge of… Read more »

Git Kata 2

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Hi, I’ve dropped by just to invite you to Git Kata 2 (git workshop in kata format) meeting in Warsaw, Poland on Dec 8, 2013. I will try to convince people to use legit and github. I will describe shortly my participation in fabtools – opensource project. All details may be found here   Here… Read more »