I had an amazing opportunity to attend training conducted by Paweł Kozłowski author of Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS.

Training was two days long only … only because Paweł was excellently prepared and it was pleasure to listen to him. I met grunt, karma, jasmine and of course angular. With my growing knowledge of js I am starting to like this flexibility it gives. Here you can find our log of source code and Paweł’s presentation made in revealJs!

We maintain our front end in backbone js after a chat to my college I discovered that we are facing memory leaks with out webapp. And that is an issue to handle in short time. Maybe we will use marionette js or just move completely to angular :) (lots of work ahead, lots of reports to rewrite)

Codeschool.com is a very pleasant place to learn new things. I completed there “chrome dev tools training” to learn how to profile and dump heap in js – it might be help fully. This was the way I saw how our app leaks…