In May 20016 it’s been 2 years since I’ve started to work for SoftwareMill. And it was a huge pleasure to work for a such software engineer friendly company. That is why it’s so hard to say goodbye.


SML (internal shortcut for SoftwareMill) was 21 people when I joined and raised up to 40 now. Projects base is growing, more people and friends are joining – it’s definitely a great place to be! SML stands out because of it’s trust to employees, as one you get information about financial condition of company and all it’s costs. SML was always reliable for me.

I was far more excited about the culture of SoftwareMill (self organising teams a’la Spotify) and autonomy I got. If someone asks me I highly recommend SoftwareMill company for doing business with. I’ve learnt more about leading the project and a lot of tech details like functional, async and non-blocking style of programming in Scala. And I hope the company is satisfied with my work and open source contribution to bootzooka. I’ll miss friends from SML and hopefully stay in touch with them and meet on some dev crowd conferences.

SML is almost perfect, but there are companies with also interesting challenges that pays better.

My friends created such a company, it’s called ValueStream which I’ll join in June. And ValueStream is hiring so please contact me in case you are interested ;)

On picture: Me with t-shirt I got from SML for my birthday, saying: Kowalski what are the options?