This year – 2014 I had an opportunity to attend a few polish java related conference like:, and warsjawa workshops.

From geecon I remember amazing talk but guys from (amazing tools btw. I will definitely give it a try after I end with newrelic) – there are many videos on vimeo from this one. Although confitura was professionally organised as always I really don’t remember anything?

The best of all was the first day of warsjawa workshops. I’ve attended botsh Venkat Subramaniam’s workshop about concurrency (actors, stm – amazing book of Venkat) and groovy metaprograming. He is amazing. His voice is clear, he is being understood, he doesn’t mumble and he explains every detail. I could listen to his audiobooks recorded by himself.

This year I’ve also been on atmosphere conference organised by my previous employer. As I like people working there this conference this year was unfortunately unsuccessful. (I won entrance ticket on geecon). The tickets in normal order were too expensive ( 250 euro ) and talks were less professional comparing to geecon’s (except the guy from prezi about theirs continuos delivery).