Polish Developer conferences

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This year – 2014 I had an opportunity to attend a few polish java related conference like: geecon.org, confitura.pl and warsjawa workshops. From geecon I remember amazing talk but guys from plumbr.eu (amazing tools btw. I will definitely give it a try after I end with newrelic) – there are many videos on vimeo from this… Read more »

Fabtools Tomcat module

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Do you develop or maintain java web application and want to have your main system not polluted by any Apache tomcat server? Or maybe you are digging in some legacy code with old java and on you main system is the newest shiny java 8 and you don’t want to switch every time? Go and… Read more »

so little time…

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And so many ideas. I have found an interesting reading nathanmarz.com. I was just seeking some hadoop related solution and found that guy. Looks interesting, so I will follow his twitts for a while. I use feedly instead of google reader, I hate it on my mobile when it comes to run it first time… Read more »

Wrażenia po pierwszym coderetreat

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W ubiegłą sobotę miałem przyjemność uczestniczyć w warsztatach programistycznych zwanych coderetreat organizowanych dzięki uprzejmości firmy Polidea, którego spiritus movens był Wojtek Erbetowski (git) i Przemek Jakubczyk z Polidei. (BTW. świetni ludzie tam pracują). O wydarzeniu informuje strona coderetreat.pl a o zasadach samego wydarzenie można poczytać w wersji angielskiej na stronie coderetreat.org. Warsztaty mają na celu samodoskonalenie programistów. Start samego wydarzenia był genialny godzina 11… Read more »

My Url Check App on app engine

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This is an app that pings your website once every hour. You will be notified by mail if your site is down. Maybe you could test it and drop me some criticism?