And so many ideas. I have found an interesting reading I was just seeking some hadoop related solution and found that guy. Looks interesting, so I will follow his twitts for a while.

  • I use feedly instead of google reader, I hate it on my mobile when it comes to run it first time after upgrade, it always asks me to login to google reader, I don’t know how this will end
  • I am almost ready with scala course from coursera, even though I don’t feel comfortable with scala. I tried to modify playframework scala todolist and failed with that “syntactic sugar”. [my scala play todolist]
  • As we are adopting Cascading into our project (We believe it will replace apache pig for our mapreduce computations) I finished “learn.cascading” — (link in cascading documentation page) there are given test in junit and you are asked to write an implementation for it — exactly as in groovy-koans. [Cascading isn’t as intuitive as pig but running it’s “ultrafast” tests -comparing to pigunit- makes it worth spending time on it. We use cloudera distro of hadoop and in latest CDH4.2.1 there is still pig in version 0.10, maybe pig current apache stable version 0.11 tests run faster?]
  • This week I’ve started to use idea ide, I was a big fun of netbeans working in Orange, I am fun of sts eclipse working in allegro (except the moments its window simply disappears in my mint nadia 14 – I hope it was missing repo or plugin issue) but the eclipse groovy plugin does not highlight unused imports… and idea does.
  • I wish I know how to “keep fire under motivations”. I wish to run something. I wish to participate in something cool. Of course my work is something that kind but still I feel there is a room for more. I am 30 right now and the most important thing I’ve changed in my point of view is about people. It is very important to have great guys around. The only way to build something working fine is to do¬† it with a team. Take a look on I thought I am able to build such a shop myself. But I was wrong. I see a great team working on it. I see testers hard work. And I know now how big cost is to build something shiny.