Principles of Reactive Programming

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This year I’ve attended Principles of Reactive Programming course. It wasn’t easy one, at least for me. I mean, first two weeks driven by Martin were clear and straightforward. Even first Erik’s week about Future was approachable. The rest -rxScala with it’s Observables and actor model with Akka was rather hard and required a lot… Read more »

Scalar conference review

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Scalar Conference is the first free to attend scala conference. At least first in central Europe I know. I had a pleasure to be a part of it as an attendee and a listener. I must say it was well organized. The organizers – ¬†Softwaremill – top notch software house from Warsaw – proved that… Read more »

Cascading Tube

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Usage example of Cascading Tube EXAMPLE I Step 0 is pure cascading flow example Cascading. Step 0. Short description of method: it takes logs from one source and produces tree different reports public FlowDef flow(Tap pv, Tap trans, Tap transToFirstSource, Tap transToLastSource, Tap transDistributedAmongSources) { // agregation Pipe transPipe = new Each(“trans”, new Fields(“t_quantity”, “t_itemCost”),… Read more »

so little time…

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And so many ideas. I have found an interesting reading I was just seeking some hadoop related solution and found that guy. Looks interesting, so I will follow his twitts for a while. I use feedly instead of google reader, I hate it on my mobile when it comes to run it first time… Read more »

WarsawJUG: Clojure, REPL, Eclipse CCW, Eclipse Mylyn

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Two days ago I was participating a WarsawJUG meeting. Jacek Laskowski was speaking about clojure and some other amazing technologies he has learned while dealing with clojure and eclipse. (finally there was a guy that uses netbeans and claims that it worth something, most of the auditorium is eclipse, idea, spring coders – I predict… Read more »