Two days ago I was participating a WarsawJUG meeting. Jacek Laskowski was speaking about clojure and some other amazing technologies he has learned while dealing with clojure and eclipse. (finally there was a guy that uses netbeans and claims that it worth something, most of the auditorium is eclipse, idea, spring coders – I predict from their’s reaction on: how faster and better is something being done in eclipse/spring whatever…). What really was interesting is clojure itself. I don’t really understand this fashion of clojure, scala – I have to read more about these trends. I’ve been once on meeting with Luc Duponcheel who was convincing ppl to scala and it’s lift framework. He believes it has great future towards, he believes also there will jvm remain after whole java and jee world. I will give these languages some more time, and go around for a while.