Keep your WSDL files updated

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A quick remark for the future that is worth to remember. I suppose there is one of good coding principles to keep your imported WSDL files up-to-date. I was writing distributed ticket handling system. I needed some stateful service for this. I’ve implemented this storage with database behind and ejb-webservice as endpoint. While I was… Read more »

Jboss Cache on Glassfish

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As some of you could notice I am openESB developer and fan. It’s development tool (Netbeans) is tightly bounded with Glassfish. Of course you can bound Jboss or any other AS to it. But I am accustomed to Glassfish (and previous Sun Application Server since JCAPS) so I work with it and all people from… Read more »

GWT EJB3 Maven Glassfish 2.1.1 integration tutorial

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I am just being inspired by GWT EJB3 Maven JBoss 5.1 integration tutorial that is why I decided to write my own tuts just for remember howto. I am working with Glassfish and my IDE is Netbeans the demo db will be derby. I know it really doesn’t matter what app server we deploy to… Read more »