A quick remark for the future that is worth to remember. I suppose there is one of good coding principles to keep your imported WSDL files up-to-date.

I was writing distributed ticket handling system. I needed some stateful service for this. I’ve implemented this storage with database behind and ejb-webservice as endpoint. While I was coding I’ve wrote module for creating, modifying and closing ticket in natural order. For every action I wrote separate module. DuringĀ  implementation (after having done first two modules) I’ve implemented a new method in ejb-webservice what changed it’s WSDL file which I’ve used in the third module (but having not updated first two). You could imagine that this is wrong. My app server (glassfish) [I suppose] creates one wsdl file in memory for one endpoint so there is no possible way to keep two different versions of it (one with additional method and one without). Of course before that deployment and compilation were fine. This issue turned out while testers went through test scenarios.