As some of you could notice I am openESB developer and fan. It’s development tool (Netbeans) is tightly bounded with Glassfish. Of course you can bound Jboss or any other AS to it. But I am accustomed to Glassfish (and previous Sun Application Server since JCAPS) so I work with it and all people from my division too. That is why I could not switch to jboss to run jboss cache easily on it. I establishe Jboss.cache on glassfish. There is no fine tutorial online showing how to setup this module. So maybe I will publish one? Just for now I wrote one WAR with class implementing ServerContextListener to create CacheFactory and jboss cache. And two EJB’s one to insert example data to cache and second to retrieve data from cache. It works but with small trick, because normal way described in User Guide doesn’t work. I mean you can register you cache through JMX as mbean but there were problem to retrieve reference to it. To find it in JNDI tree. After creating cache, Glassfish added some string to ObjectName and it was problematic to find it that way. Instead you can save a reference to cache in IntialContext and get it from there in EJB modules. Kind of bypass of this problem but works fine.
Another important thing now is to set this mechanism on multiple nodes. I am to run jboss cache in replication mode. [I am doing it right now]