Wczoraj byłem na ng-poland konferencji (trochę szumu pod #ngPolandConf ) dla frontendowców fanów angulara.

Od jakiegoś czas sam jestem takim. Coś tam pisałem w angular 1.x. Niestety nie czuję się biegle w angular 2 dlatego poszedłem na tę konferencję oraz dlatego, że chciałem zobaczyć Todda Motto na żywo bo słyszałem, że umie zrobić show. Jego blog posty oraz ultimate angular style guide są dość popularne w środowisku dlatego myślę, że nie byłem jedyny, który chciał go zobaczyć live. No a więc już krążąc o 9 rano przed pge stadionem narodowym (venue) dostałem mejla od organizatorów, że Todda nie będzie… ech, co zrobisz? Read more »


In May 20016 it’s been 2 years since I’ve started to work for SoftwareMill. And it was a huge pleasure to work for a such software engineer friendly company. That is why it’s so hard to say goodbye.


SML (internal shortcut for SoftwareMill) was 21 people when I joined and raised up to 40 now. Projects base is growing, more people and friends are joining – it’s definitely a great place to be! SML stands out because of it’s trust to employees, as one you get information about financial condition of company and all it’s costs. SML was always reliable for me. Read more »


WebSummit 2015 is a tech conference for geeks, this time it was organized in Dublin, Ireland.

The well spotted summary of WebSummit 2015 edition might found here: https://medium.com/@kingscooty/web-summit-2015-a-developer-s-perspective-c490c0048ad4

I encourage you to read it – it’s only 7 minutes long.

TL;DR from that article: WebSummit speakers are not attending to wow developers and creatives, they’re here to impress business owners. It’s that simple. Web Summit might be great if you’re a startup and you’re looking for investment.

IMG_20151105_090608I’m software developer experienced in writing webapps on jvm. What, a guy like me, might be looking for at such a conference – touted as `Davos for geeks`? Maybe some leads (except a few interesting talks – Bryan Lilies, Alistair Crolls). Conference was huge. I usually attend developers conferences up to 1k of people, this one was massive 30k attendees. I had an amazing time in Dublin with my teammates, every evening we joined night summit to make a new friendships. As a neophyte salesman you wish to talk to each and get know every single story but it’s simply impossible and unfortunately you have to live with that awareness. After a first few talks you got an impression that you are all around amazing talents with amazing ideas and products. Read more »


Code4life.pl is 100% Free Roche Software Conference. Invited speaker guests were: Dr. Venkat Subramaniam, Greg Young, Dino Esposito.

Adam Waltman from Roch Poland gave an interesting welcome speech, I could comprehend about internal IT Roche structure, and that price of sequencing DNA dropped from 100 mln $ since 2001 to 1k $ now (2015) and continuing that reduction in price. Basically sequenced DNA is a 3 GB file. Scientists do parental test comparing DNA of parent and a child. Except that they can give more precise predictions to inclinations of illnesses like cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Would you like to give this information to insurance companies for free?

In Dr. Venkat’s talk “The art of simplicity”, he pointed too much complexity around in our industry out. It’s hard not to agree with him. Dr. Venkat. He cited a talk of two interns after completing internship: “Dude, that company was awesome, I didn’t understand any line of code there”. What obviously is bad, bad practise. How expensive is that code to maintain in terms of time and recruitment (only the brave ones)? How fast can you find/fix a bug in that code? How big is bus factor? How big would rotation be in dev/ops teams then? Presentation included nice quotes: Read more »