Last week I participated Agile Warsaw meeting. There was amazing presentation called “Distributed Agile” run by Piotr Modrzyk. He revealed his experience gained while working on in distributed environment. He showed the mechanism of kanban methodology in practice and motivational payment system that was really awesome and I am sure I would hire him as PM to any running project:)

Another amazing news is video James Gosling on Apple, Apache, Google, Oracle and the Future of Java very interesting movie, I recommend indeed.

This week there will be  73. spotkanie Warszawa JUG – Andrzej Salwicki z “O obiektach aktywnych, obcym wołaniu metod takich obiektów i problemie otwartym?” The speaker is a professor so topics seems to highly abstractive and educational. Get ready for higher level.

Next week I am going to see another Agile Warsaw group meeting. There will be two guys from famous polish online communicator sharing their experience from working on telecommunication issues :)  (More interesting for me cuz I do amazing stuff for one polish mobile operators)