I might have forget to mention that my job is AWESOME. I work here since 3 months now and I still feel this amazing atmosphere. Dudes around are passionate. We communicate and the jargon is known for us (mvn, js, deploy, push, unit test, bump, node). I felt in love with python, mongo, bottle micro-framework and bash
I really don’t plan my future. I am ambitious, but I make use of occasions. I fell lucky. I play with a good tools! There are guys around feeling same. I wish I could follow my Allegro mates all the time. It is awesome to be a part of a team with that stack of technology and good patterns to follow. (let’s stop with that honey for a while)

Today a friend of mine Jakub KubryƄski (you may find him also here) organized internal course for allegro/payu java developers about “how to drive presentation and keep focus of audience”. I don’t know why but I gave it a chance and went there with a curiosity… and went out completely satisfied! Kuba has many of courses behind and really knows the clues of good presentation. He kept me interested the whole time. I believe I will use his hints in my first talk. That is just another benefit of being here :)