Unit testing and Mockito framework

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As for unit testing there are a few nice tutorials on web to covert the topic for example for my favorite IDE – Writing JUnit Tests in NetBeans IDE. You can simply learn how to easily and quickly generate Test classes for your working classes. This is the very entrance to TDD. Another amazing thing… Read more »

OpenESB 2.3

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A friend of mine told me where to find the freshest copy of openESB. (the last website open-esb.java.net is redirecting kenai clean page) It seem to be the first version of openESB compiled by community and not by Sun/Oracle guys. http://hudson.openesb-dev.org:8080/hudson/view/v2.3Integration/job/installer-v2.3/ is the source of binaries and other projects files. OpenESB community Good to know… Read more »

Radius, ldap, log4j, sms token

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I’ve already mentioned about that project. We used great library for it it’s called TinyRadius. In the sources you get extra example codes of TestClient and TestServer implementation. That is really helpful. The project is written using Netbeans and Maven tools. That is really comfortable. You just got your pom.xml and it does care about… Read more »