hginit.com & bitbucket.org

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I found very pleasend Mercurial tutorial it is hginit.com. Easily takes you into mercurial – better svn world. Another thing I was looking for was something like github.com for mercurial. And I’ve found one and it hav up to 5 free private repositories and it’s free sponsored by Atlassian it’s called bitbucket.org. I recommend also.

GWT 2.3, Git and Mercurial

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GWT 2.3 was released on May 2, 2011 a few days before Google I/O — May 10. Without doubt there would be some talk about news in GWT. I am curious if GWT RPC XSRF protection is really securing rpc connections. I will try it out. I participate a few important projects for my company… Read more »

GlassFish ESB 2.2 where?

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We tested the openESB 2.3 for linux and it made us go back to Sun’s release of this amazing tool. openESB is not perfect yet. I have problems with viewing debry db (I know this not esb issue but still it fails) and friend of mine had to install JBI plugins by hand… so that… Read more »

GWT MVP Development with Activities and Places

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There is amazing tutorial for MVP on Google pages it is called: GWT MVP Development with Activities and Places. There is also zip file with code to download. I use Linux Mint, Eclipse 3.6 Helios and GWT 2.2 and those files could not be easily imported into my workspace. That is why I took those… Read more »