There is amazing tutorial for MVP on Google pages it is called: GWT MVP Development with Activities and Places. There is also zip file with code to download. I use Linux Mint, Eclipse 3.6 Helios and GWT 2.2 and those files could not be easily imported into my workspace. That is why I took those classes and copied them into new project Hellomvp2 for mine environment. You can get that code below. I really recommend this tut. You will learn about features of GWT since GWT 2.1:

  • GWT activities
  • GWT places
  • GWT eventBus
  • GWT clientFactory
  • GWT browser history support

PS. Another amazing place to read about MVP is gwt-presenter examples and David Chandler’s blog
PS2. Another amazing gwt-mvp-sample to check.
PS3. And of course the most obvious one Large scale application development and MVP
PS4. GWT examples