Java EE6 Stress test by Adam Bien

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Read Adam Bien’s article. Interesting thing about system.out.println how huge bottleneck it creates being used while asking db through RESTful webservice. This article pushed me to experiment by my own with VisualVM and JMeter. Both are great tools. (About VisualVM, yesterday I’ve made a complaint about it, but today I’ve got notification to upgrade Visual sampler… Read more »

Glassfish, jmx, jconsole, apps active sessions

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We put lately more attention to monitoring and tuning our systems – mainly db.  I tried to refresh in mind how to check active sessions on jvm for specified app. I’ve experimented with VisualVM, but it didn’t satisfied me. I simply does not work out-of-the-box. After registering jmx remote host, I could not expand apps list… I… Read more »

Keep your WSDL files updated

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A quick remark for the future that is worth to remember. I suppose there is one of good coding principles to keep your imported WSDL files up-to-date. I was writing distributed ticket handling system. I needed some stateful service for this. I’ve implemented this storage with database behind and ejb-webservice as endpoint. While I was… Read more »

Glassfish ESB, Resolving “localhost” in WSDL

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I wrote an composite application with webservice as entrance endpoint for client system. When I was previewing the wsdl file I’ve notice there is only host name without full domain name(as it is in DNS servers) give in schema location and webservice endpoint.  That was obviously wrong, because client would not be able to resolve those adresses…. Read more »

Solution in Git repo

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Hi, for your convenience I’ve put that sample code on git repo. You can download it, experiment with it, learn etc. I suppose it will be easier for you getting it from github then waiting for an email from me. Cheers