GWT CellTable with sorting

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I  had problem with sorting CellTable using async data provider. Here is an amazing solution of this issue.

96 WJUG meeting

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Yesterday I attended amazing lecture of our theoretical java guru Paweł Cesar Sanjuan Szklarz. He showed us his amazing proposition for remote connection protocol based on benefits of dependency injection. You can read and taste his prototype here:

Run JSF2 on GAE

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I tried to run JSF2 app on GAE but I with no success. I had a problem with JSF 2 is using “javax.naming.InitialContext” that’s not support in GAE. I left this topic and after a while found solution for this issue at MKyong blog You need to overload that is a JSF configuration class. Amazing!

Glassfish ESB 2.2 silent CLI installation

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Hello, I’ve found two places where you can download the latest SUN’s Glassfish ESB build from 2009. I’ve also found amazing tutorial by Michale Czapski – how to install this from CLI and default configuration xml file for instalation.